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Keeping your vision safe during the holidays
August 14, 2016

The holidays are a time when we all look forward to relaxing, attending parties, and spending time with the people we love. It should be a time of joy and celebration so don’t let a preventable eye injury ruin your time with your family and friends. Parents should be especially alert for potential holiday eye hazards to children.  Following a few helpful tips may help keep your holiday cheerful and your family safe.

    Do not use ornaments that are breakable, have small detachable parts, or metal hooks near the bottom of the tree where kids can reach them.

    If you have small children keep the lower branches of the tree trimmed so children don’t accidentally poke their eyes on the branches.

    Spray snow is very dangerous for the eyes.  The substance is made up of dangerous chemicals, so avoid spraying it near the eyes.

    Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snowmobiling, and even snowball fights can cause accidental trauma to the eyes.  Everyone should wear goggles to protect their eyes while engaging in activities.

    Be careful of open flames, specifically fireplaces, which can cause burns to both children and adults.

Finally, the holidays can mean a lot of driving. Spotty and blurry vision can be a concern on long journeys. The best way to avoid this and be as safe as possible is to make plans ahead of time. Be sure to get enough sleep or stay close to your celebration. If this is not an option, here are some tips avoiding fatigue and improving alertness.

    Artificial tears can help soothe and refresh tired eyes.  They may also help contribute to clear vision.

    Take your time and plan for rest breaks every couple of hours.  Get out of your vehicle and take a short walk or do some exercise to get your blood pumping.

    If possible, share the driving.

    Don’t drink and drive!

    Use air conditioning if your vehicle has it.  Cool air will keep you more alert and will help avoid frustration and stress caused by fatigue.

Whatever you do this holiday season make it joyous and relaxing but don’t let the celebration get in the way of your safety. If you have any questions about these eye tips or any other eye care issue, you can always ask me on Vishal eye Hospital Facebook page. I promise a prompt response and I would be happy to help you ensure your family’s eye safety this holiday season.

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